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Welcome to the Widget Suite for DotNetNuke

GitHub Notice

The source code and issues for this project are now being managed on GitHub.

There are over a dozen widgets that come with this project. Find out more about those widgets on our official website.


Special Requests

If you have an idea for a widget or want to include one of your widgets into this suite, please start a discussion in this project.


If one of the widgets doesn't appear to be working as expected, needs enhancements, or you found a bug, feel free to create a new issue in the Issue Tracker.

Advertising Revenue

This project has opted to donate any revenues from the advertising on the Codeplex site to Habitat for Humanity International.


This project is not officially affiliated or sponsored by the DotNetNuke Corporation. While the founder of the project is indeed a DotNetNuke Corporation employee, and it may have other contributors in the future that also are employees, this is currently a community-based project. There are no warranties or guarantees of any kind offered as part of this project, its downloads, or any of its contributors.

For more information, see the projects license.

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